Our headquarter is located in beautiful Everlöv in the South of Sweden. Here you also find one of our production facilities as well as one in Ekeby, just outside Helsingborg.

Our training academy (EMV Utbildning) is located in Sjöbo, close to Everlöv.


Per-Arne Dahl (Manager Order/Engineering), 0733-899190 mail

Kjell Åkesson, 0768-813437 mail

Pontus Jönsson, 0733-479129 mail

Inge Heidenborg, 0706-615846 mail

Rickard Colomer, 0724-527401 mail


Camilla Jacobson (Production Manager EMV Stainless), 0416-772201 mail

Richard Nilsson (Production Manager Ekeby Rostfria), 0709-781289 mail

Purchasing and Quality

Katja Andersson (Manager Purchasing), 0416-772202 mail

Finance and MD

Patrik Malmström (Managing Director), 0708-856494 mail

Birgitta Jönsson (Manager Finance), 0416-772203 mail

Madeleine Jönsson, 0416-772204 mail

Jessica Lindahl, 042-383130 mail

EMV Utbildning

Fredric Larsson, 0416-690101 mail

You find contact details to all skilled employees in EMV Utbildning at the training academy website: www.emvutbildning.se